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God of War 3 Android

God of War 3 Android

We all knew this day is going to come sooner or later. One of the greatest games ever created for PlayStation is now available for Android and iOS devices and it is rocking. If you were looking for God of War 3 for Android or iPhone, this is the answer to your prayers. The game has been ported straight from the console version and it is literally as good as the original one. The graphics is stunning, the story is awesome and the steering is as good as it would be on a dualshock pad. You will get the chance to play as Kratos for the first time on Android and iOS devices in this incredible God of War 3 Mobile version. So wait no longer and download this awesome game while it is available. This version has been tested and optimized hundreads of times to provide you with the best possible game experience. God of War 3 Android is light-weight and works extremely smooth on every device with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM.

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The story behind God of War 3 Android

God of War 3 Android

The game a an action adventure hack and slash. It was published by Sony and created by Santa Monica Studio back in 2010. After 5 years a remake for PS4 came out, improving the overall graphics of the game for the newer console. God of War 3 APK is the 5th part of the series and is based on greek mythology just like the previous parts. We go to ancient Greece where gods rule the earth and our mission is to get our revenge on them. Kratos, the main character in the game which we are going to control, goes across the whole country in search for Pandora. He has to find her to open Pandora's Box to finally get rid of Zeus and other gods of Olympus. In God of War 3 for Android you will fight monsters, titans, gods and experience a lot of incredible events straight from the mythology. The gameplay is very similar to the previous installments and is focused on combos and quick time events.

The reason you should try God of War 3 Android APK

God of War 3 for Android

In the game we will start our journey on Gaia's back. Our task is to get to the mount of Olympus and seek vengence on the gods after Zeus' betrayal. First, Poseidon tries to stop us but fails terribly, ending up dead by the hands of Kratos. Once they reach the peak of the mountain, Zeus throws them back. Gaia refuses to rescue Kratos and calls him a pawn of Titans. In God of War 3 APK we are going to fall into the river of Styx and lose our blades. In the underworld, the spirit of Athena tells us that the only chance for mankind to prevail is to stop Zeus and end his reigns. This God of War 3 Mobile version offers you all this and even more. Follow the paths of Kratos and help him get his vengence on those who betrayed him and sent him to the Underworld. Challenge gods and titans, triumph over the gods of the Olympus and once again become a god of war.

How to download God of War 3 Android

How to download God of War 3 Mobile

  • Click the download button and God of War 3 APK will start downloading
  • Transfer the file to your mobile device if you downloaded it on a computer
  • Run the installer and allow Unknown Sources if needed
  • The installation of God of War 3 for Android may take up to 2 minutes - be patient
  • When the process is finished, find the game in your apps and run it
  • The game will launch and download necessary data and OBB during gameplay

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