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God of War is available for Android and iOS for free

God of War Ragnarok Android and ios

It is now possible to download God of War Ragnarok Mobile to your Android and iOS devices for free. Everyone who loves the God of War series can now enjoy the norse mythology storyline on a mobile phone or tablet. The game is full of new challenges, combat opportunities and incredible graphics.

God of War fans are hyped for the newly released God of War game. The previous game made quite a hit on the gaming industry. The main features - amazing combat and chopping everything with a leviathan axe are still there. God of War Ragnarok gameplay shows us that playing Ragnarok on Android for free brings something totally different to the world of mobile games.

The main features of God of War Ragnarok Mobile explained

You will find new and amazing greek mythology references in the game. In God of War Ragnarok you can fight as both Kratos and Atreus - now called Loki - the new god of mischief. The new setting also allows you to use the Blades of Chaos and the Guardian Shield. Once you install the newest release of this new game, you will discover a whole new feature. This feature allows you to explore all of the nine realms on your mobile device.

The full list of Ragnarok app:

  • Improved gameplay with implemented virtual controls
  • HD graphics that look exactly as their console counterpart
  • The app is free to download
  • The ability to fight new gods
  • Play as the next god of mischief - Loki
  • Previous game settings saved from PlayStation
  • Easy to download OBB file for those who prefer them over APK files
  • Two games released at the same time - play on Android or iOS

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You can now download God of War Ragnarok and play it on mobile devices

God of War Ragnarok Android

You can download GOd of War Ragnarok for Android free of charge. This is a community project made by fans who prefer playing on a mobile device rather than on a PlayStation.

God of War Android APK has been developed to bring the joy of playing GoW game on Android and iOS. Once you download and install it, you will see that it is the full version that has been released on our website.

The history of Kratos - the main protagonist of GoW games

Years ago, when his second wife and child were killed by a mysterious force beyond his control, Kratos, the new God of War, renounced his warrior lifestyle to live among the common people of Midgard in the realm of Norse Gods. He sought refuge in an isolated cabin near the woods where he befriended an elven blacksmith named Sindri who helped him forge new armor and weapons.

The unexpected guest

Although happy for a time, even this life could not last forever when one day an emissary from Odin came to him with an offer too good for the God of War to refuse: join in battle against Hel in exchange for having his memories returned so that he might reunite with Faye once more. Needing no further encouragement than to see his beloved again after all these years, Kratos agreed to the terms and quickly found himself back in the heat of battle.

Kratos in Hel

Beating down waves of enemies in different games, Kratos eventually confronts Hel herself when Sindri emerges out of nowhere with his own son Atreus to aid him in his quest. Unable to fight off all three at once, the god of war is struck down but manages to escape just as Hel demands that her minions bring him back alive so that she can feed on his soul for eternity.

As they leave, Sindri promises his friend that he will look after Atreus while he recovers somewhere safe before bidding farewell for what was likely the last time.

The god of vengance

Now alone again following another loss, Kratos escapes into a nearby forest where he must once more face his inner demons and remember what really happened to him the day Faye was killed: she fell victim to a mysterious illness and died shortly after giving birth to their son Atreus.

Kratos, unable to accept this reality as truth, had buried her body in the forest and covered up her death as best he could. Seeing no other choice now but to confront Odin for answers about who or what had caused Faye's death, the god of war returns home only to find that Sindri had been brutally murdered by none other than Brok and his brother — two of Odin's own sons — for reasons which still remain unknown.

Download Ragnarok Android and help Krator break free

In the depths of his subconscious, Kratos's mind has been trapped by a very powerful and evil force beyond comprehension in play. In this blackened world, as he runs from an unseen terror, an image of his daughter Calliope morphs into a hideous Gorgon-like monster that attacks him.

As he fights back, trying to break free from the clutches of this inner demon, other memories begin to surface: sitting at a campfire with his new family, Calliope and Atreus; standing near a river with Atreus where they spot another water nymph spying on them; traveling through Helheim Forest carrying their dead mother's ashes.

Memory loss

Finally Kratos snaps out of his trance and finds himself back in the realm of the living where he is now stranded. Atreus assures him that they are still traveling to scatter their mother's ashes but Kratos has no memory of this journey or his wife, whom Atreus states was named Faye.

Remembering nothing more than his name and past deeds as the Ghost of Sparta from the previous games, Kratos begins to doubt himself - wondering if perhaps he truly is insane. Searching for answers about who he really is and why his past memories have seemingly vanished overnight, Kratos decides it's time to tell his son a story about how their family came to be...

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God of War Ragnarok for Android

In this incredible game you will find out many new things about God of War storyline. Thankfully, you can now download the game from our website and install it on your Android or iOS device for free! The game has been developed and optimized in a way allowing multiple games to be ran with high-quality graphics and with no lags. Download the game today and enjoy God of War Ragnarok on Android and iOS mobile devices.

How to download God of War Ragnarok Android

How to download God of War Ragnarok Mobile

  • Click the download button and God of War Ragnarok APK will start downloading
  • Transfer the file to your mobile device if you downloaded it on a computer
  • Run the installer and allow Unknown Sources if needed
  • The installation of God of War Ragnarok for Android may take up to 2 minutes - be patient
  • When the process is finished, find the game in your apps and run it
  • The game will launch and download necessary data and OBB during gameplay

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